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Studio Microphone
Voice Over/Audiobooks

Home Studio: Mic- Lauten 208, Apollo Twin Interface, Source Connect, Reaper, Logic.

     In between stage and screen work I have taken a deep dive into VO work. I trained at Abacus Entertainment, a VO production company in NYC, with Bruce Kronenberg. It was here where my vocal instrument was sharpened for this exciting, but particular medium. I have narrated over 150 titles, and produced more than half. Get in to my gig!



Commercial Demo
00:00 / 01:01
Videogame Demo
00:00 / 01:16
Animation Demo
00:00 / 01:21
00:00 / 04:15
Married to Magic 2_edited.jpg
Slice of Life/ Light Novel
00:00 / 03:43
LGBTQ/Lousiana/ Romance
00:00 / 02:13
British/ Demon Queen Trials
00:00 / 02:29
YA/ Third Person
00:00 / 02:30
Xaden Riorson- Graphic Audio
00:00 / 03:35
Natural Voice/ Adult/ Dystopian
00:00 / 03:11

Gabriel's voice can be heard in Chashu Entertainment's "Sands of Aura"

When it came to voicing Rebecca Yarros' "smoking hot, gets you into trouble hot" Xaden Riorson, she picked Gabriel. Here you can hear him bring Xaden to life.

"I never understood what "he growled" was supposed to sound like until Gabriel's Xaden."  Goodreads reviewer

His voice can also be found in Studio Ganzheit's " Axiom of Maria"

graphic logo.png

 Gabriel is voicing Xaden Riorson! An electrifying lead peformance in New York Times Best Selling author Rebecca Yarros's Fourth Wing

In addition to traditional audiobook narration. I also have the pleasure of working alongside Graphic Audio as a voice actor on a number of exciting FULL CAST audio productions. *All rights reserved Graphic Audio LLC

Career highlight!
I had the privilege to work with Graphic Audio on The #1 New York Times bestselling series
 A Court of Thorns and Roses.
My director, the wickedly talented Colleen Delany, who many of you will know as Lydia from Skyrim, gave me some of the best direction I’ve ever received. Thank you for having me be a part of such an exciting story!

Married to Magic 2
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